Get Rid of Caked-On Oven Dirt

by on June 22, 2006
in Cleaning

And finally, with grateful thanks to Prima, their last contibution to our cleaning headaches for now.

Get Rid of Caked-On Oven Dirt

Power Product: Lakeland Limited Oven-Mate,

Keeping Whites White

More from Prima Magazine – Your top five cleaning headaches – solved!

Keeping Whites White

Power product: Add a scoop of Oxi Clean (

Steer clear of streaky windows

Hot Tip Number 3 in the Prima feature: Steer clear of streaky windows!

Power Product – Leifheit Spray Window Cleaner (

Wipe Away Worksurface Stains

Top Tip Number 2 from Prima Magazine:

Wipe away worksurface stains with…

Power Product – Cillit Bang Universal Degreaser,

Grimy Shower Cubicles

I found this useful article in Prima Magazine in a section called Make Life Simple.   It promises to solve your top five cleaning headaches and I thought it worth sharing with you each day this week.

The first cleaning headache on the list is:

1.   Clean up a grimy shower cubicle

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This Life by Lucy Kellaway

I found this article in the Mail on Sunday magazine a few weeks ago and thought it was worth sharing. Thanks Lucy!

In March Bill Clinton was in London giving a speech at Guildhall on Globalisation and Progressive Politics. My husband was in the audience and over supper that evening he told me all about it – at some length. The only thing that stuck in my mind was his account of how, towards the end of the talk, Clinton had got all mawkish. He asked everyone in the audience to take a minute or two to think about the cleaners who had cleaned the fine hall in which they were sitting.

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A Precious Resource

Annie says:

Within days of ejecting my then husband from our somewhat chaotic home
I purchased a copy of "Home Comforts The Art and Science of Keeping
House" by Cheryl Mendelson, and a very precious resource it has turned
out to be.  Sure, some people might wonder whether: a) it would have
been better to buy the book earlier and b) whether the book might have
saved the marriage.  The answer to both has to be a resounding "No".
Let us never confuse keeping home with nurturing a relationship.

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