Cards and Presents

by on May 25, 2006
in Time-Saving Hints

Get into the habit of buying all of your greetings cards on a yearly basis.  At the end of every year take your calendar down and write out a list of all the birthdays and occasions that you bought cards for this year.  Then buy up a stock of different cards, for men, women, children, anniversaries, good luck etc. etc. Whenever these events come around in the forthcoming year you

Step One

by on May 25, 2006
in Clutter Clearing

One way of making this least attractive of chores (but oh how wonderful it feels when you

Top Cleaning Tips

by on May 25, 2006
in Cleaning

I came across the most wonderful cleaner today.  She is fanatical about cleaning a real perfectionist and a professional at that.  She regularly ready cleaning tips and here are her top 3:

  • Instead of throwing out old sponges blast for 30 secs on high in a microwave