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Suicide may be painless, but in the world of black comedies, it

Clean Communication Skills for Clients and their Cleaners

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A few weeks back, our Director, Judith Morgan, was interviewed by fellow coach Barbara Bradbury for her podcast.  Barbara is a relationship coach; relationships with your colleagues, your family, your friends, your spouse – you name it, and she advocates clean communication as a way of improving relationships.

Barbara asked Judith about how we use good communications within The Cleaning Biz, and then recorded an interesting chat for about 10-15 minutes all around the topic.  If you are a human being, there’s something to learn here.   If you are a business person, it’s vital.   If you are a client or a cleaner or an existing or potential licensee of The Cleaning Biz, it’s essential listening.

The recording is entitled Honest Conversations and you can listen to it here:

Retired? Top Up Your Pension!

Are you ready to retire from your first career, but you are definitely not old?   Is your pension in need of a top-up? Do you still have loads of "go" in you?   Are you worried you won’t be able to sit still and do nothing?   Not into gardening, yoga, bowls and snoozing? Not ready for your pipe and slippers?   Not prepared to be relegated to the armchair?

Good!   Then we have a little business opportunity for you.

The Cleaning Biz is always looking for lively people with time on their hands who want to top up their income.   And we think this could be an ideal opportunity for the right sort of retired person.   After all, 60 isn’t even old these days, is it?   And remember, if this isnt right for you but you introduce us to someone who goes on to work with us, we pay you a fee of

Cleaning Business Opportunity

The_cleaning_biz_button_from_blog There’s a button on our website marked Join Us!   And this page tells you all about the chance to run a branch of our business with us and how we can help you run your own small business from home, helping local households in your neighbourhood find a great cleaner and enjoy their own home looking spick and span every week.

Would you like to be part of our nationwide expansion?   We are always interested in talking to customer service enthusiasts who would like to own and run their own business and be part of our family.   We teach you how to create a great income from this, and have fun doing it while helping people and providing a valuable service.

If you have some time available and would like to top up your current earnings (or pension) and would like to hear more about it, please read our web page, listen to our recording, download our FAQ and make an appointment to talk to us.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

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White vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, lemons, and olive oil, are all you need to keep your wood floors sleek, stainless steel germ-free and shiny, and bathroom tiles squeaky clean. And the added bonus is there

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