Quick Tips to get your Whites, Whiter than White

by on May 17, 2007
in Laundry

If you are struggling to get those bedsheets or shirts whiter than white,  instead of relying on a detergent try soaking the fabrics in Lemon Juice for 15 minutes before popping it all into the washing machine as normal.

You will be amazed and dazzling!

Benefits of effective delegation

The effects of delegating tasks in the workplace are numerous; it increases your productivity and allows you to focus on more essential tasks while boosting the self-esteem of the workforce. It boosts morale and eases stress which leads to a better working environment and builds confidence.

If you wondering if you should delegate some tasks then read on and consider the following factors, this should tell you if delegation is the right choice for you and the company.

Firstly ask yourself if you are spending enough quality time when it comes to strategic planning and overall monitoring.

Next take a look around at your desk, is it overflowing with projects and tasks which you have started but are unfinished?

What is the working environment like; do the people around you feel appreciated and useful? Do you keep them sufficiently motivated and are they enthusiastic in their work?

Finally ask yourself whether you are delegating routine and necessary tasks.

If you are delegating but things don

Top tips to find a great pet sitter

If you have to spend any time away from your pet because you can

Eight time saving cooking tips Part 2

Here is some more time saving cooking tips to help you shave some time off the time you spend in the kitchen.

If you take a packed lunch to work or your children take one to school then get the children to help when it comes to wrapping sandwiches and cookies in cling film. If you have some time on your hands one day but know you are going to be stuck for time the next, then prepare double the amount of snacks and store them in the refrigerator.

Organise your cookbooks and recipes where you can easily get to them, this way when you want to cook that something special or need a brush up on a recipe you won

Simple money saving tips and tactics

by on April 28, 2007
in Lifestyle

When going food shopping it is essential that you make a list of the items that you need, if not then you will be going around the store just picking items up that you really don

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