Clean Communication Skills for Clients and their Cleaners

by on August 3, 2007
in Time-Saving Hints

A few weeks back, our Director, Judith Morgan, was interviewed by fellow coach Barbara Bradbury for her podcast.  Barbara is a relationship coach; relationships with your colleagues, your family, your friends, your spouse – you name it, and she advocates clean communication as a way of improving relationships.

Barbara asked Judith about how we use good communications within The Cleaning Biz, and then recorded an interesting chat for about 10-15 minutes all around the topic.  If you are a human being, there’s something to learn here.   If you are a business person, it’s vital.   If you are a client or a cleaner or an existing or potential licensee of The Cleaning Biz, it’s essential listening.

The recording is entitled Honest Conversations and you can listen to it here:


2 Responses to “Clean Communication Skills for Clients and their Cleaners”
  1. Teri says:

    Great articles and blog here will subscribe to this site.

  2. Leena Kapoor says:

    I agree, communication skill are vital for business people per se.
    What Judith talks about, the quality of communication with the cleaners, is true for any relationship where standards of performance have to be communicated and performed to. The ability to have this communication respectfully is the magic that leads to a long work relationships.
    Coaching is definitely a way to handle one-on-one relationships. Training in coaching is also available for groups of people in an organisation so that they can be group-coached in effective communication.

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