Clean your PC Screen

by on January 22, 2007
in Cleaning

Your computer monitor will invariably over a period of time become smudged with fingerprints and dust, with a little care and thought you can soon have your monitor sparkling like new without a smear in sight.

You should never use a window cleaner or any solution which contains ammonia to clean your screen, the perfect solution to clean your screen is using one that you would clean your eyeglasses. This is usually as solution which contains rubbing alcohol and should be used on a soft clean cloth, it is best to spray the solution onto the cloth instead of spraying directly onto the computer screen.

If you just want to remove dust from your screen, then use a slightly damp cloth and dry with another. For best results wipe back and forth across the screen but if you have an LCD screen such as seen on a laptop or flat screen monitor then don

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