Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions

by on May 17, 2007
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White vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, lemons, and olive oil, are all you need to keep your wood floors sleek, stainless steel germ-free and shiny, and bathroom tiles squeaky clean. And the added bonus is there


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  1. So many organic topics …

    So many organic and green topics to cover … so little time. Well, might as well dive right in 🙂 Having 3 kids (their ages range from 8mos to 13 years), I’m always interested in keeping our home as chemical

  2. Nice Natural cleaning tips. I prefer more natural ways to clean. no health consequenses are a nice thing.

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  4. I love the fact that everything you mention is available in the kitchen 🙂 Gonna try and few tips of my house,

  5. We’ve got a new way to clean with just tap water. A company I work with makes a product called the Lotus Sanitizer. It converts water into an ozone spray cleaning solution that you can use anywhere around the house. Ozone is made from 3 oxygen molecules bound together by an electrical charge. It is incredibly safe – there are no fumes or residue. It is almost as safe as normal tap water. But it is also a more powerful germ killer than bleach. You can use it anywhere – countertops, carpets, windows, bathrooms. And you can make an unlimited supply from ordinary tap water. Check it out at

  6. Fuller Brush says:

    Great tips. Enjoyed the post.

  7. Uncle Bubbles says:

    To keep coats and jackets from getting stale in the cupboard, place a used tumble drying sheet over the hanger. Your clothes will smell fresh and so will your wardrobe.

  8. Uncle Bubbles says:

    Use bicarbonate of soda or baking powder on your carpet, instead of expensive fresheners. Just sprinkle on, leave for 20 minutes and hoover up. It also makes sure you hoover the whole carpet!

  9. Uncle Bubbles says:

    Citric acid powder (available from your chemist) makes a fantastic descaler for kettles. Just add 1 tbsp of powder to your kettle, fill with warm water and leave for a couple of hours. Rinse well and then fill and boil a few times to make sure all the acid has gone. You are left with an element that shines in you kettle.

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