Here’s an Idea!

Here’s an idea which would really make my life easier… anyone fancy taking it on as a project?

Its about my car.   I would like someone to come round about once a week and collect it, clean it obviously(!), fill it with petrol, check the air in the tyres, the screenwash, the oil levels and give it a general tidy up.

Their responsibilities would also include finding out when I was intending to drive it into London that week and sourcing carparking, and paying the Congestion Charge in advance for those days.

Also they would be required to keep a note of when my insurance was up for renewal and then to shop around for the best deal for me, reminding me to report my speeding offences to the insurance company since this is a requirement of motor insurance apparently, and then taxing it when necessary and getting the MoT and taking it for a service etc.

What would you call this motor angel of the road?   Well, that’s probably it, of course.   Motor Angels.

The Motor Angels would take care of everything to do with my car, and I do mean everything so that all I have to do is get in and drive.   Oh, and pay their immaculately itemised bill, of course.

A closely related service I used recently at Gatwick Airport is called BCP.   This is airport valet parking.   You just drive up to the terminal, leave the engine running, and they take your car away, park it, wash it and bring it back to you at the terminal when you fly back in.   This mean we could be away from the airport within 35 minutes of landing – and in a clean car.   Beat that!

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