How to Use your Cleaning Biz Cleaner

The Cleaning Biz manages your cleaner so you don’t have to, but here are just a couple of hints which will ensure you get the best from your cleaner.

  1. Make sure you have each other’s telephone number(s) so that you can contact each other in any emergency or in the event of either of you not being able to keep the weekly appointment for any reason.
  2. Give your cleaner a list of what you want them to do and what you expect them to achieve in the time you have booked. Please explain to them if they do not meet your expectations and be firm but fair, in order that they know what your requirements are, and are given the best opportunity of satisfying them. If they fail to meet your requirements consistently, we will replace them.
  3. Take a few moments to listen to this audio interview with Cleaning Biz Director, Judith Morgan, as she explains how we help you to manage your relationship with your cleaner. The secret’s all in the communication.