I Can See Clearly Now

by on January 22, 2007
in Cleaning

The abseilers have been to clean my windows this morning.   They were due last week but the weather was so windy they would surely have been blown away.   I live on the 7th floor of a modern tower overlooking the Thames, and the management company send these heroic window cleaners round quarterly.

Is there anything so wonderful as clean windows?

Good light is very uplifting.   I have a lot of big glass windows, it’s like living in a goldfish bowl in the very best sense, lots of cheering light.   The 7th floor gives me a panoramic view of London which frequently means I am above the worst excesses of a London winter.   I can see what I call BIG SKY, sunsets, stars and moon and the same historic views of The Thames that inspired Pepys and Dickens and Turner.

And now I can see it all.

And I realise that I dont notice the quality of my light diminishing daily as the windows collect dirt until they are cleaned again.   But when they are clean and I can see everything (even the rain) – WOW!

Clean windows are a beauty to behold.

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