If you need a cleaner or cleaning lady, you've come to the right place

What Other Business This Simple Could Give You Earnings of Up To £5k Per Month and a Genuine Opportunity to ‘Retire’ Within a Couple of Years?


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur

If you are looking for a simple business which you can operate from home, yet which can quickly give you an income that will set you up for life, then look no further than this!

But first, let’s allay some of your concerns by stating what The Cleaning Biz is NOT:

  • The Cleaning Biz is NOT a Cleaning Agency
  • The Cleaning Biz is NOT a Franchise
  • The Cleaning Biz does NOT require a huge capital investment to get started
  • The Cleaning Biz is NOT MLM, network marketing or based upon any other ‘scam’ or system which gives an inflated view of earnings
  • The Cleaning Biz will NEVER (perish the thought!) require you to put on your pinny and get your hands dirty!

OK, So I Know What It’s Not …
… But what exactly IS ‘The Cleaning Biz’?

The concept behind The Cleaning Biz is very simple. We take a regular monthly fee from householders by standing order for finding and managing their cleaner and we replace them if they leave or prove unsatisfactory in any way.

But unlike many other ‘business opportunities’ you may have looked into, The Cleaning Biz is a TURNKEY business based on a PROVEN model. We and our licensees use a simple system which we repeat over and over again to generate an excellent and largely passive income.

YOU can do this too, and be handsomely rewarded for providing a much-needed service in your local area.

Is it exciting? Some of us think so, others don’t. There’s little room for ingenuity or innovation here I’m afraid – if you want to demonstrate your entrepreneurial brilliance then you may have to look elsewhere.

But if you want a rock solid cash machine, earning you good money month after month to fund whatever else you need to make your life complete, then THIS is the business for you.

What IS exciting is the fact that this is a business that requires no previous experience, very little capital outlay and could give you a regular monthly income of up to £5,000 within your first two to three years in business.

Learn From The People Who Have Done It …
Over and Over and Over Again!


The Cleaning Biz is run by a pair of very successful serial entrepreneurs. I am also a business coach and have been privileged enough to guide and mentor many people towards achieving financial independence and a life beyond their wildest dreams.

Both of us are ardent devotees of Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth, who teaches that the best way to grow a phenomenally successful business in a short period of time is to reduce its operation to a simple system, which can be repeated over and over again with predictable results … i.e. money in the bank!

We established The Cleaning Biz six years ago and, right from the outset, designed it along E-Myth principles. During that time we have continued to refine our business model to such a degree that now we can virtually GUARANTEE the success of anyone able to follow a simple set of instructions … even if they have no previous experience of running this, or any other sort of business.

Now, because of the massive demand for the service we offer, we are always looking to take on more licensees.

All we ask from you is your commitment to putting in a little bit of work in the early stages with the option to do little or even no work once the business is established!

If you follow our system to the letter, then very quickly your income will grow in leaps and bounds. This is regular income, paid directly into your bank account by standing order, which grows larger and larger, the longer you work the programme.

How much can you earn from this business? Well, we like to see a new business (or ‘pod’, as we call it) up and running and earning its owner whatever you want within 18-36 months. You decide how and when you want to work and what you earn.

That’s Up To £5,000 Per Month,
For Doing Very Little!

Just imagine: you could be topping up your tan, playing golf, pampering yourself in some luxurious spa somewhere, or even just relaxing at home and spending quality time with your family. And, at the same time be earning more than most professional people working 50 or 60 hour weeks.

And that’s just for starters.

You see, many of our licensees have been so successful with their first pod, they have gone on to acquire a second one. Because this is a simple, repeatable system, in no time at all they will have doubled their income.

Just think for a minute. In a few years from now, your business could be earning you up to £5,000 per month.

A Complete ‘Business in a Box’

Nothing is left to chance with our system. We guide you through every step of establishing and running your business so you will ALWAYS know EXACTLY what you need to do next to grow your business.

We will assign you a mentor – someone who has followed the programme successfully in the past and who has a compelling reason to make sure YOUR business is successful too … because if you don’t earn money, neither do they!

Running any other form of business can be a frustrating, stressful and lonely experience. Not so with The Cleaning Biz. We make sure you have all the training and resources you need at your disposal from the word go and keep you in close contact with your mentor and other licensees so you NEVER feel isolated.

Our three month initial training programme is extremely comprehensive – far more so than you might expect from the very low capital outlay required, and includes:

An Induction Day in London, with presentations by me, my business partner and helpful input by another very successful pod holder, usually by telephone.
Regular one-to-one calls with your personal mentor – someone who has run their own successful pod in the past and knows EXACTLY what you need to do.
Regular group teleclasses: weekly in month one, dropping to fortnightly in month two and monthly in month three.
Membership of an online discussion group, where members can pool tips and support one another.
Advice on the financial aspect of running your business from an experienced business accountant … me!
Social get-togethers once or twice a year.

See What Two Successful
Cleaning Biz Owners Have to Say …

“I bought my first Cleaning Biz in January 2006 and started trading in February. I bought Muswell Hill because it’s where I live AND also a very good pod. What makes a good pod is somewhere where there are plenty of people who want a cleaner and where a cleaner can easily travel to and from work. Lots of competition is a very good thing – then you know there is demand.

“I find running the Cleaning Biz incredibly simple. It is my first turnkey business, but the structure and strategy and way of doing things is already there and laid out for you. You simply have to follow the tried and tested methods and before you know it (within six months in my case), you have a thriving, growing and very rewarding cleaning business.

“I find the system so simple and effective that I have decided to take on three more pods this year to maximise returns on this brilliant business.”

 Emily Gordon, Muswell Hill & Hackney


“We started running our first licence in January 2006 and have found it a fascinating, rewarding and straightforward business. So much so, that we have recently taken on another area. We have some great clients and some wonderful cleaners who we love working with and the rewards are well worth the effort!

“The system is simple and it only takes a little while to build up. All you need to do is follow the plan and stick to it.”

Tim Birch, Ealing and Wimbledon


So How Much Do I Need to Invest?

For £6,000, you get a complete turnkey business opportunity, which includes:

Your own exclusive territory (cost £2,000)

A comprehensive and intensive three month training programme (valued at £4,000) including your first 30,000 direct mail postcards

A personal mentor who will guide you through every step of starting and running your business
Ongoing training and support

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. You register your interest. That’s easy – just follow the directions below to listen to the recording of a recent info teleclass which runs for about an hour in which I explain how the Cleaning Biz operates. After listening, if you would like to take this further, please make contact with me initially by e-mail to set up a conversation about you and how it might work in your area, and I can also send you a copy of the Licence Agreement and some further information in writing. It’s important for both of us that this is the right opportunity for you, so please make sure you ask whatever it is you need to know. headoffice@thecleaningbiz.com
  2. If after that, you wish to proceed with a licence, I’ll ask you to pay £6,000 to secure your pod and sign a licence agreement for your pod. I will then arrange for you to attend your first training day in London, and assign a mentor to you who will be your ‘guardian angel’ during the early days of your business. The next training days in London will take place every couple of months.
  3. Follow our simple instructions, attend training and mentoring sessions where required and make money!

Unbeatable “I’ve Changed My Mind!”
Money-Back Guarantee

While £6,000 is a tiny investment in any business, let alone one with the potential of The Cleaning Biz, we recognise that it’s a lot to part with if you are not COMPLETELY sure that it’s the right business for YOU.

Before you finally commit to joining The Cleaning Biz, we encourage you to ask as many pointed questions as you can think of as we want all our licensees to be happy and profitable. If they don’t think that this opportunity is a good ‘fit’ for them, they won’t be.

But, just so you are COMPLETELY SURE that this is the right business for you, we offer a money back guarantee on the first day of training. It works like this:

If, for any reason, you are not completely convinced that this opportunity is right for you and will earn you a significant income within 18-36 months, just have a quiet word with me at lunchtime on the first day of training and I will refund your £6,000 in full … no questions asked.

So there you have it. Are you going to let this opportunity pass you by, or are you going to investigate it in more detail?

Remember – registering your interest and listening to the introductory teleclass costs you NOTHING.

Even if you decide to proceed and then change your mind, your £6,000 will be refunded right up until lunchtime on the first day of training.

What have you got to lose by finding out more? More to the point, what have you got to lose if you don’t? Maybe a chance to earn REAL money, and to be financially free for the rest of your life?

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You might also like to listen to this interview that Judith gave about good communication between client and cleaner within The Cleaning Biz for a feel of how our business works and our USP.


I will look forward to hearing more from you

Best Wishes,

Judith Morgan