Retired? Top Up Your Pension!

Are you ready to retire from your first career, but you are definitely not old?   Is your pension in need of a top-up? Do you still have loads of "go" in you?   Are you worried you won’t be able to sit still and do nothing?   Not into gardening, yoga, bowls and snoozing? Not ready for your pipe and slippers?   Not prepared to be relegated to the armchair?

Good!   Then we have a little business opportunity for you.

The Cleaning Biz is always looking for lively people with time on their hands who want to top up their income.   And we think this could be an ideal opportunity for the right sort of retired person.   After all, 60 isn’t even old these days, is it?   And remember, if this isnt right for you but you introduce us to someone who goes on to work with us, we pay you a fee of

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