Clean Communication Skills for Clients and their Cleaners

by on August 3, 2007
in Time-Saving Hints

A few weeks back, our Director, Judith Morgan, was interviewed by fellow coach Barbara Bradbury for her podcast.  Barbara is a relationship coach; relationships with your colleagues, your family, your friends, your spouse – you name it, and she advocates clean communication as a way of improving relationships.

Barbara asked Judith about how we use good communications within The Cleaning Biz, and then recorded an interesting chat for about 10-15 minutes all around the topic.  If you are a human being, there’s something to learn here.   If you are a business person, it’s vital.   If you are a client or a cleaner or an existing or potential licensee of The Cleaning Biz, it’s essential listening.

The recording is entitled Honest Conversations and you can listen to it here: