The Cleaning Biz Guide to Greener Cleaning

With climate change remaining a real concern for all of us, we are all trying to do our bit to help protect the environment. When it comes to cleaning, nasty chemicals can be hazardous to the environment and can even impact on our health too. With this in mind we have compiled a guide to help you keep your house spick and span in an eco-friendly way.

Go for green cleaning products

You will find a growing number of environmentally friendly cleaning products on the supermarkets shelves these days. From detergents and surface sprays, to glass cleaners and washing up liquid, there are now non-toxic options available, many of which are made from renewable sources.

Keeping your air naturally fresh

With many homes now better insulated than ever before, toxins can build up in the air around the home, especially when cleaning with chemicals. Make sure you keep your windows open regularly, especially when cleaning. To freshen the air around your home you don’t need expensive chemical air fresheners either. Opt for naturally fragranced alternatives like dried cinnamon, cloves and orange peel. Pop these in a breathable bag and leave behind radiators to spread delicious scents around the home.

Make your own green cleaning products

As well as buying eco-friendly products from shops, you can make your own cleaning products that are just as effective, and they’re extremely cost-effective too. The cleaning powers of vinegar and baking soda have been known for decades. You’ll often find vinegar in glass cleaning products as it is great for creating a shine without streaks, and baking soda is a powerful grease-cutter and stain remover. Look around online for a whole range of do-it-yourself green cleaning recipes.

Steam power

A growing trend in household cleaning at the moment is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning uses water at high temperatures to blast away stains, spills, grease and odours, with the high temperatures killing bacteria. No chemicals are necessary and steam sprays make it really easy to clean those difficult to reach places around the home. More steam cleaning products are now available for the home than ever before, from handheld cleaners to steam mops.

We recommend checking online for the cheapest prices where sites like Express Gifts have an extensive and affordable range of steam cleaners (including a number of steam mop options).