Using dishwasher powder and dryer sheets to help clean your home

by on February 28, 2007
in Cleaning

The fabric conditioner sheets which we use in the tumble dryer can be put to good use as a cleaning aid as can dishwasher powder, try them to make life easier when it comes to cleaning.

If you are having trouble removing stubborn baked on food from pans then fill the pan with boiling water and place a dryer sheet in it, leave it soak for an hour or two then pour off the water and clean the pan, you should find it comes off much more easily. If particularly stubborn then leave to soak overnight with more hot water and another dryer sheet.

You can use a dryer to sheet to easily clean dust and pet hairs from blinds, fans and air conditioning units, not only will it make cleaning much easier but over a long period of use it will leave a protective coating for even easier removal.

Use a sheet on your TV and monitor screens to help eliminate dust and static build up.

Another way to remove burn on food from pots and pans is to cover the area with just enough hot water and dishwasher powder to make a paste and allowing it to soak overnight before cleaning the following day.

To clean copper pans and make them shine first clean them in dishwashing soap before taking half a lemon which you have poured salt on and use it to scrub the copper. Remember to keep adding more salt as you clean.

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